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Hardware algemeen / Importance of Managed Service Providers in Telecom
« Gepost op: oktober 24, 2018, 12:05:29 pm »
Nowadays the demand for managed services is increasingly popular around the world. The global market is expected to grow from 160 billion to 280 billion by 2019. For telecom operators successfully delivering managed services involves them more capable of managing the client’s technical exertion. Customers are paying more to the managed services than to the unmanaged counterparts.

Telecom managed service providers refers to managing customer services on an ongoing basis through regular offerings designed to deliver on standard or agreed-upon target SLAs. Telecom service providers always offered to cover business-critical functions and services.

Telecom managed service providersalso have to manage the customer end to end solution by offering active-monitoring services. They are also responsible for proactively reporting and providing solutions to the incidents while ensuring they are committed within SLAs.

Managed service providers in Telecom are responsible for the initial focus of remote monitoring and management of networks, device management, remote firewall, security and print services.

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